Complex IT Services  

I provide both Simple WEB site development and Complex website development. The plans I offer are not my core business, they will not provide what you need to take your whole business to the WWW. When you need to do more than just blog and show photos, when cookie cutter communications will not do the job.  When one system really needs to talk to another system. You have a complex programming issue.


For more complex solutions let me review your needs and design a dynamic database support system that again you maintain securely but does more than the usual sites like perhaps bill on line, review online data like inventory or take online form information and route them as PDF files to email. This is great for contracting and resumes. I can use complex tools and make the web show you real time data or communicate with your staff or clients or membership with custom features and server transactions. I can drill your database for mistakes or hacks, I can locate other software to integrate with your current system.
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This is my core strength and my client are all long term and have found my advice valuable for many years!

I can help your website and database get the job done and the report formatted correctly.