This page shows cars.. why because if I consult for you I give you MY WORLD FAMOUS car speech as a price indicator. These are cars to indicate the plans I offer.  ALERT You may not find the features you need here, and that is OK, because I can still help you these are standard needs for many online clients, but they will not run your core business online if you have a legacy or brick and mortar business with reporting demands. See Complex Services!

 Advanced WebSite building Plan
 Business WebSite building Plan
 Church WebSite building Plan
 Basic WebSite building Plan

Any of my DIY websites can be created by clicking the FREE trial link under each plan. Payment for these plans are only required if you wish to continue your web site account with MADELEINE following your 10-day trail period.

Once your website is created you will receive a link to our on-line purchasing page where you can extend your website subscription for two months, quarterly, biannually or annually. Website subscriptions can be submitted on-line or purchased through check or money order.

* Reflects a discounted price when a subscription of 12 or more months is purchased.

I can help your website and database get the job done and the report formatted correctly.