Question: What is with all your names?

Answer: I run this business under my name "Madeleine McJones",  I also use the name PROGRAM-MA because that is an older name a program + mother,  Homecoding is like home cooking but code.  MAD I/O is Mad Input and Output for the tech geeks. Maddog is an old nick name and small boat I owned. A person with many names is well loved.

Question:  Why pay more for hosting and website and all that than the cheap-o 7.99 a month?

Answer: Well you do not have access to the exteme tools that are on these plans that let you do all the edits, blogs, photo albums, forums, online stores. Also you do not have access to me and my guidance (smile).


Question:  Your websites are not all that pretty, what gives?

Answer: Well thanks, but really that did not hurt, sniff! I am a programmer not a webdesigner but I can help you make your site if you need me to help.  Really many of my sites are done by the the resale tool make the sites within some sort of "template" and the more a client wants that template tweaked the more it cost, so they are usually pretty fine with the templated site due to money constraints.  Most of my clients do not have the budget of PEPSI or TOYOTA! 
If you want I can find a partner at different budget levels to work with to make your site extremely slick, most often I am NOT the graphical designer of the sites I work on.   I plug through photoshop and can get around FLASH but my work is mostly in text editors doing code!  My programming work is shown as confidental reports and invoices that my clients really would not like me to share with you.   

I can help your website and database get the job done and the report formatted correctly.