PRICES and Billing:

Consulting and Coding : Well any way, I use a time clock to clock my hours,  I price my work according to "Brain" effort,  My HTML code is less than, Script and CFML work, Database design and importing.  The highest is complied code to include anything that must compile before executing, Java, .NET applications, C++, Flash Code.
Just because you have purchase a D.I.Y. Site you may still need my assistance in some areas. My time is money and please be expected to compensate me for my consulting.  Programming costs money. Cheap code and bad database design works and scales poorly. 

World Famous Car Speech:

If you are not cheap with your car then why be cheap with your website?  A $300.00 website does less than a $36,000.00 website just like a Yugo car does less that a 750il BMW, the prices are about the same for programming effort.  Yes you can get a really cheap static site from your cousin in high school, but that is not why you are here, right?  Do not steal my famous car speech above, it is mine and all mine and every one of my clients has heard it. 
How I get paid:
  • Some Contracts are contractually signed bids for service,  I bill against this contract.
  • Some of my work is done on a per item bid,  I bill against this bid.
  • Some of my work is open ended by time sheet, I bill and show the time sheet.
  • Some of my work is by a contract vehicle with let say Northrup or other.  I bill against this vehicle.

I can help your website and database get the job done and the report formatted correctly.