Ok this is where most web developers show all their "pretty" sites,  but since I am a programmer it is fair to say that most of my pages are not much to look at, fairly back end routine and reports and invoices, protected by various forms of passwords and security.  Of course all of this is proprietary and my current clients would not be "happy" that I showed all the tricks that I have coded to their competition. 

See my real work here! 

 If I did show you a pretty site it may be true that the person who made it pretty was not me, but a professional web designer.  But please consider that "I" made the screen login really check to see if the person is who they say, or my code showed you all the data on the screen when you asked for bacon ingredients on that recipe.
This is not a complete list but these are just some of the sites and clients whom I love very much, design is from various excellent designers and some are mine:
So most of my work is not  visible so judging me by the graphics is not what you are here for, I make sites work not dance.  If you need that I can find a partner at different budget levels to work with to make your site slick, as most often I am NOT the graphical designer of the sites I work on.   I plug through photo shop and can get around, but my work is mostly in text editors sadly!  My work is shows as confidential reports and invoices, data feeds, imports and exports that my clients really would not like me to share with you. 

I can help your website and database get the job done and the report formatted correctly.