SPEECH: Complex sites are like building a house.

If you have the goal of getting off of your MS Desktop, getting aways from having on site system admin staff and being able to run your business from anywhere in the world.   It is going to take a few steps! Baby steps! then walking, and then running online.
  • BLUE PRINTS: It is going to take some time, and you will have to start with the effort of data analysis, interviews to see where your paper and data trails lead. You will end up with a blue print of sorts. We call it a system design document or system dependency designs. I do not know your business and I will have to understand your work flow.
  • FOUNDATION: After that is captured you can begin with a database framework like a foundation of a new house, you can see all the rooms but you do not have any walls yet.  You will have table design, the tables to hold all over your data but not screens. your efforts can then be done in modules that can be managed. An application is as strong as its foundation.   And I know because I live in an active landslide.
  • FRAMING AND DRYWALL: After the foundation the applications can be done in modules as with walls and doors that connect to the next room like screens and data lead to reports.  You will have to be forthwith on growing reporting needs as they drive this stage.
  • COST OVERRUNS: Even though a good job was done in gathering the requirements some things will be missed like that brass faucet or header beam. Expect some reports and screens to be added to your final design and costs.
  • ADDITIONS:  You will see more potential in your new WEB system just as with a new home a new wall or a new porch and these are to be expected as your needs grow. 
  • REMODELS: Something changes and you will need a room where you did not need one before. Perhaps you business is getting bigger or you are adding a new product.  These are times for new screens and reports to replace old ones, be ready for this change. 
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