Honestly programming and websites are not easy, but these plans are very helpful and take all the programming "out" of the "A SIMPLE SITE"  in most cases the editor tool can get you going quickly.  But in some cases even learing a simple tool is TOO TOUGH, then let me do the easy and any special tough parts, then I will step back and let you keep up the website as you feel it should be done, update it and I will train you.  I really do not expect you to do it all yourself, I am hoping you contact me for some support services, "honestly".  I hope to present you a site and you keep it here with me!  But if you are pretty rowdy and tech savy, then go at it and do it all yourself. It can be done, if you have the time and spirit.  The software is very easy to use but of course you have to use it to get the job done, you have to make pretty photos and graphics.
Any of my D.I.Y. websites can be created by clicking the FREE trial link under each plan. But if even this is daunting then I can start it up for you and then show you its features with a "start up" look during the 10 days free trial.   If it is going to do the trick.  Payment for these plans are only required if you wish to continue your web site account with Madeleine following your 10-day trail period.
 Hosting is provided as integral part of this tool set.  You will be expected to move or puchase your domain to use these plans, but I can help with that also.  If you need my help to work on your current hosted site, where it lives today, that is fine! It is just not part of one of these plans.  If you do not know what domains and hosting even is then that is fine, let me help you. DOMAIN AND HOSTING EXPLAINED!
 Using the software is very easy, there are secure online screens you use to put in text and such.  Then save your work often and preview your pages, these are powerful tools and you may have to plug around a while but many users pick it up quickly and are adding blogs and pages in minutes.  All your changes are stored and backed up, you can see previous versions of your screens.  When you save your final version is on display for the website.   It can be a time eater- working on websites are detail oriented and still take time, that is what you will find out.
You can change your website anywhere you can get online.  Starbucks in Zaire or mid atlantic ocean, editor is on the web!
You may want me or another programmer or artist to get some consulting for some custom set up or graphic design just to get you started with your logo or something. That is up to you. 

Once your website is created, and you want to stay? you will receive a link to our on-line purchasing page where you can extend your website subscription for two months, quarterly, biannually or annually. Website subscriptions can be submitted on-line or purchased through check or money order.

I can help your website and database get the job done and the report formatted correctly.