WEB Technology: Compiled Java HTML, Perl5 (ORA Perl DBD and DBI to Oracle), Asp, XML, ADOBE PDF, CGI scripting, Java Scripting, Cold Fusion Scripting, FrontPage, Forms 5 for WEB, Oracle Web Server, Cold Fusion MX DreamWeaver, FLASH , .Net

Databases: MS SQL Server ORACLE Developer/Designer 2000 and ACCESS

Languages: Stored Procedures SQL, Cold Fusion, Perl, C, Objective C, Visual Basic and Java and College COBOL

Imaging: FileNet APIs - Work Performers and IMS. MTI OCR for Forms, OCR imaging

Tools: Visual Studio Designer, Spreadsheets, Dreamweaver Director, Adobe PDF Professional and Illustrator, Photoshop, Code Version control software

OS: OpenStep NeXT, DOS/Windows, UNIX/X-Windows, Novell, Mac X

Filenet Technology: Visual Work Flow - Conductor/Composer Tools, API and Filenet VBX Visual Basic Development.

I can help your website and database get the job done and the report formatted correctly.