Programming from my home to your office for over 18 years. - Full Stack Web Developer - Constant Contact and - Database Solutions.
Websites and Accessibility issues (ADA Compliance).

Like "home cooking" only better for your web hunger and less fattening

Web Sites and Databases

Let's get the web cooking. I am an experienced programmer willing to learn new software integration and API tool kits. Web stack development - with tons of SQL and procedural and server side experience.

Dynamic screens to simple websites are cooked up here.

Get some code cooking

Websites - Code - Databases

I write code, it is not a pretty in a picture but most of the world uses code daily

Much of my code is not public so it is not like I can show it to you. 

 Programming Covid-19

I am programming a report for a client

a PHP Report run from the Web your website does not need a mask to make money for you

YES! Girls can code

Yes I program and build tables database can you?

PHP is my current weapon of choice. I Love to code stored procedures and import or export data, so bring it!


Code is awful to look at so let me do it.

What does a photo of a programmer screen really look like?  Well Yuck but your screens will look great.

Select Statements and CSS

Complex SQL is not a problem. Reports and Screens real time data to the web page.

Code it is not pretty but it works

Make sure your code works for all people on the web with good compliance and accessible techniques.

Google Maps Hack

Who is visiting your website and why 

Reports and Questions answered.

Email, Newsletters

Reach out to your clients regularly!

I have years of experience and learn new platforms quickly

I am good at big picture analytics

Working on the move. Young woman with laptop computer writing while sailing on the yacht on the ocean.

@ Homecoding

Learn more about what I do

Remodel and launch your website, add top grade email contact and out reach.  I have been successfully designing, developing and deploying database web solutions from my home office for over 18 years. I am on your team. Many of the sites I develop are pushing the original website businesses card or company brochure model in fact they are doing all of their business on the web that means being able to bill from Mexico or run a report in New York. But I also do simple websites also that just need that extra help to get more profit from their sites.

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3 Tangerine Road (Notice: Natural Rattlesnakes on Premises)
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275, US


Add a Programming from my home to your office I am on your team - I am a programmer that works from home or offices for clients with various levels of website demands, I have many years of experience and I will do my best to help your company or organization meet its goals. I will advise you to the best of my ability and direct you to make clear decisions about your web based future.  I am really not a website designer that means if you need to most lovely graphics I will contract that to an expert that meets your budget. If you want your web site form to collect information and store it in the database then later generate a PDF or import to a database say in China, then I am that person behind the pretty screens. WEB SITE DEVELOPER and DATABASE DESIGNER. I work for you developing WEB technology as an Internet Architect and Data Analyst. My efforts include programming and scripting, database design and graphical interface design. I use many different tools and languages to get the job done for my clients whose needs and budgets vary. Let me slay that web dragon from my home.