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Add a Programming from my home to your office I am on your team - I am a programmer that works from home or offices for clients with various levels of website demands, I have many years of experience and I will do my best to help your company or organization meet its goals. I will advise you to the best of my ability and direct you to make clear decisions about your web based future.  I am really not a website designer that means if you need to most lovely graphics I will contract that to an expert that meets your budget. If you want your web site form to collect information and store it in the database then later generate a PDF or import to a database say in China, then I am that person behind the pretty screens. WEB SITE DEVELOPER and DATABASE DESIGNER. I work for you developing WEB technology as an Internet Architect and Data Analyst. My efforts include programming and scripting, database design and graphical interface design. I use many different tools and languages to get the job done for my clients whose needs and budgets vary. Let me slay that web dragon from my home.